Reaperi Cycle is a rpg/puzzle game for the Sega Dreamcast.

From the ancient hermetic developers guild:

We are the ancient hermetic developers guild and we’ve been working on Reaperi Cycle, an isometric RPG/puzzle game for the Sega Dreamcast.


Reaperi Cycle is a tale filled with alchemical knowledge, old tales and mystical symbols. It’s the hidden path in the forest, seen by very few. Are you one of them?

You find yourself as a spirit, devoided of a physical body. As you try to recover your original form, you’ll meet with an old magician who is willing to help you, in exchange of a few favors. Don’t waste any time! The earth spins around the sun, and the phenix will appear, once again, whether you’re ready or not!


Magnes : Programming overseer >
Muet : Graphics & scroll archivist >
Cyril Irectus : Sculpting & lore crafter >
Gabriel Ledoux : Electro-acoustic bard >


Release Date:



Puzzle, Adventure